Our region in the upcoming European Parliament elections is the Yorkshire & Humber.

This includes much of historic Yorkshire and North & North East Lincolnshire.

City of York

This is the region we have. We have to shape it with the full involvement of the people, organizations, community bodies, councils and yes, politicians, into a governing solution that has the support of the people of the region.

We want a ‘Conversation’ to take place to agree to a form of devolved power making that would work for the region’s people. This should be developed with all parts of the region and confirmed in a referendum.

The special position of the Lincolnshire authorities that make up the region should be made clear that it is to be the choice of the people of those areas. If they could achieve the benefits of devolution and retain their historic heritage we would hope they would decide to say yes to more regional powers.

No one can stop, or should stop or prevent areas being proud of their historical roots. Being administratively in the Yorkshire & Humber Parliament area should not affect your county loyalties.

North East Lincolnshire

North East Lincolnshire

But the name!?

We recognize the name alone may put some people off. But perhaps other party names have a similar effect on some people too! Yorkshire, North & North East Lincolnshire First doesn’t quite work. We hope our approach will appeal to some of the people of Lincolnshire who support our view of the region before the national party.

  1. A party that will work in Yorkshire & Humber’s interests.
  2. We operate as ‘Independents’, ‘non-aligned’ or ‘neutral’
  3. We believe issues and proposed remedies should be judged on whether it works and whether it is good for the region’s, people, environment, and economy
  4. We represent people, not sectional interests or big business